Kait Labbate

Kait Labbate is a freelance travel photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. Inspired by her background in photojournalism and documentary projects, her work seeks to vividly capture ordinary moments of everyday life from around the world.

Impressions Of A Place: There is a beautiful quote from the British novelist Angela Carter, who said, "Soon nostalgia will be another name for Europe." I suppose that's what has drawn me there over the years. It is the history of the place. To wander down a small path, sleep in a home or eat in a piazza where you know generations before have done exactly the same. It's a history so beautifully preserved. It is found in the tradition of community life in small hillside villages. It's in the regions whose soil produced endless barrels of wine. It's in the main squares that continue to be meeting places for life and laughter and competition.

This collection is driven not by a technicality of craft but in finding moments that reflect a duality between everyday life in contemporary Europe and the rich history found in everyday spaces, producing an aroma of nostalgia in the day-to-day.