Philip Craig

Philip Craig was born in Ottawa in 1951. He was encouraged in his creative endeavors by his parents from an early age; taking specialized art courses in Ottawa he eventually graduated from Sheridan College of Art and Design in Toronto.

Upon his return to Ottawa, Philip was hired by the CBC, as a television graphic designer. It was soon after that he was taken on by his first gallery after he was spurred on by older artists to submit a painting to Visual Art, Ottawa Survey Exhibition #1 in 1975.

For the next decade, Philip lived and worked in Newfoundland where his isolation from the art world allowed him to focus on traditional subject matter: landscapes, portraits, and still life.

His paintings began to sell in both Ottawa and Newfoundland and with success came a growing demand for his works. By 1986, Philip and his young family returned home and he decided to paint full-time.

Philip’s travels, first to England, then France, Italy, Morocco, and India enriched and inspired his works and gave him an appreciation for light. Collectors around the world now seek his paintings.

Philip Craig is represented in Ottawa, Ontario by Koyman Galleries.