Ryan Richardson

Ryan Richardson moved from Ottawa, Ontario in search of adventure when he was 19 years old. Driving through Alberta and into the Rockies for the first time, the beauty of the mountains struck him. The scale and the awesomeness was over-whelming. He felt so small among mountains so big.

He bought a camera to try and capture that feeling. He wanted to share it with his friends and family back home, through the images he captured. It was Alberta where the travel bug first bit him. Then Iceland, Yukon, Northern Norway, New Zealand. Capturing mountain lifestyle around the world fascinates Ryan more than anything else.

He lives in Calgary, Alberta today where he visits the Rockies often. He says that his friends joke that it must be nice escaping to the mountains and unplugging from "the real world". He's convinced it's the other way around. Being in the mountains is the most real he's ever felt.